About Us

Party Animals NW


Party Animals NW was founded in 2015 as a way to share knowledge about animals in a fun and informative way. We serve the greater Portland and Vancouver areas with interactive animal shows for parties and events of all kinds as well as educational programs. We are passionate about each of these services and look forward to changing the lives of others with our animals.

Crystal Lange - Founder and Co-Owner


"I have been passionate about animals since I was a small child and now have the privilege of sharing that joy with others! Since I was young, animals have seemed to gravitate towards me. That started my early fascination with the human-animal bond and training. I pride myself on developing trusting relationships with all the animals in my care. 

In 2004, I graduated from the premier animal program at Moorpark College with degrees in Exotic Animal Training & Management, Animal Behavior, and Wildlife Education. During that time I had the opportunity to train and care for many wonderful animals including a spotted hyena, baboon, water buffalo, raccoon, pig, macaws, dromedary camel (Caleb from the Geico "hump day" commercial), and many more. I enjoyed doing animal shows for the public at America's Teaching Zoo and participating in outreach presentations. After college, I became a licensed mobility instructor with Guide Dogs for the Blind, where I expanded my training and husbandry skills for 11 years. I trained both the highly skilled dogs and visually impaired clients.  

In 2015, I founded Party Animals NW, and now have the privilege of sharing my diverse animal collection with a new generation. My hope is that these ambassador animals will touch the hearts of the people we meet and promote an attitude of awe, inspiration, and respect towards them."

Alison Halvorson - Co-Owner


“I have been working towards a career with animals since I was a young girl. It has been a dream come true to work with and train so many animals since 2003 before becoming the co-owner of Party Animals NW.

As a teenager, I raised several puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind and volunteered for 5 years at The Phoenix Zoo in their show department where I worked with small mammals, birds of prey, and reptiles of all kinds. While earning my Bachelors of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Animal Behavior from Arizona State University, I worked in the education department at Arizona Animal Welfare League and did a four month internship with Dolphin Quest Bermuda training dolphins and leading interactive dolphin programs. After college I went on to work for Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, performing in their live animal show and working with a huge variety of animals. Most recently, I worked as an instructor at Guide Dogs for the Blind, where I enjoyed training many wonderful dogs and clients. All of these fantastic  opportunities gained me years of valuable experience with domestic and exotic animals of all kinds!

It was a privilege to bring my animal experience to Party Animals NW when it was founded in 2015. It gives me great joy to work with the amazing animals we have and to share that joy with others!"